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Pre-Mixed Saltwater

Premixed saltwater costs $1 per gallon.  

Example parameters of premixed saltwater: (batches may vary)

  • Salinity 1.025

  • pH 8.4

  • Alkalinity 3.4meq/l (9.52 dKH)

  • Calcium 420

  • Magnesium 1300

Sea Water  brought in directly from the ocean

cost is $0.50 per gallon


Water Testing

There are two different levels of water testing we offer.

The basic water test  includes information about your pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels (at no cost-It's Free!).

Advanced water test can included Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Alkalinity, Copper, and Silicates ($1-$2 per test).

Products and Services

We provide a wide selection of quality freshwater and saltwater fish. We also have live plants, fresh and saltwater inverts, coral, aquariums, supplies & equipment and plenty of decorations available. Our expert staff can help you find everything you need to maintain optimal conditions for your beloved fish! From lights, food, water, filters to decorations and cleaning tools, we have all of your needs covered. If you consider yourself anywhere from a hobbyist to hardcore fish enthusiast, we have something for you!



We carry a wide range of products from these companies:

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